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Financial Analysis and Planning
Hindsight. Insight. Foresight. 

We use the state-of-the-art FA&P applications – that provide accuracy, clarity, transparency and no guessing, empowering informed decision making.

An effective Financial Analysis and Planning encompasses:

Budgeting: A necessity for businesses of all sizes. They provide a way to plan for the coming year, set goals and objectives,

Forecasting: Forecasting is a key part of budgeting, as it helps to predict the financial health of an organization identify areas of potential risk, and plan for any changes that may be necessary

Planning: Strategic planning involves analyzing market trends, assessing customer needs and developing a business model that meets those needs while also remaining profitable. Developing a clear and concise plan can help ensure businesses are making informed decisions that will take them in the right direction

Reporting: By analyzing reports, businesses can identify areas in need of improvement and track progress toward their goals over time. With accurate reporting analysis, businesses can make informed decisions on how to best allocate resources and set realistic objectives that are achievable

Dashboarding: Dashboard analysis is an important tool for businesses to monitor performance, identify trends, and take corrective action. Reports can provide data that helps to improve operational efficiency, inform pricing strategies, and ultimately result in better overall results for the business. By analyzing reports in a dashboard format, businesses can quickly identify issues and make corrections efficiently. Dashboard analysis provides.

No TWO companies are the same: all metrics and reports are implemented to meet your specific needs.

We offer reporting on the following options

•    personalized Report Packages, that meet your specific needs and objectives
•    cash flow analysis - know exactly how much runway you have, forecast zero-cash day, breakeven, or other financial milestones
•    Rolling Forecasts – we build and adjust forecasts based on actuals.  Help you predicts next month upto 5 years 
•    Project Sales and Revenue - Project sales and revenue based on headcount, marketing spend, or any metric you ever want.
•    Sales and workforce Planning- a key element is in a comprehensive strategic picture of your company. 
•    Capital Expenditure – we create models with variabes to ascertain the effects of capital expenditure will have on forward-looking financial statements.

We offer Dashboards on the following elements. Visualize data with customizable dashboards, incorporating both financial and non-financial metrics

•    Forecast runway – 6,12 or even 60 months in the future with integrated cashflow forecasting

•    Revenue recognition – recognizing revue in the correct periods with specific deferred revenue drivers, that meet your criteria.
•    Departmental Budgeting – creating department budgets that automatically rollup in the company plan.
•    Expense allocation -  allocating overhead expenses among multiple departments with simple formulas

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